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Photo of the Blue Lake Resort
Photo of the Blue Lake Resort
Photo of the Blue Lake Resort
Photo of the Blue Lake Resort

Description of Blue Lake Resort: Experience basic wilderness housekeeping cabins at Blue Lake Resort. Bring your own bedding and share central washrooms with free showers. There are also RV sites, both wooded and open, and some pull throughs. Fish for trout in the lake; the resort is on the beach and has boat rentals. Gate closed 10:00 pm to 7:00 am. Phone to confirm winter access. Pets allowed.

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Traveler Reviews of Blue Lake Resort

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the worst camp ground ever

i must say that this was the best place to camp, until jim findly baught the place, the main road is never maintained, the costomer service is horrible, they dont treat their costomers with any respect or dignaty, jim, the owner has been fined by fisheries for disturbing the fish's sponing grounds, plus he has been find from the ministry of forrest for allowing camp fires on his property while there was a province wide fire ban in effect.

Cite your sources

In response to the above review. The road is maintained to the best of our abilities. We have pent over $20,000 on equipment to maintain that road, if it still isnt good enough for you then perhaps you should stay in the city. We dont want all this wilderness bothering you. No, we havent been fined by fisheries, no we havent been fined by the ministry of forrest. you see, this person has been at blue lake for many years either leasing a site or otherwise. And this is the best way for you to share how you're feeling? If you don't like the changes we've been making, come and talk to us. Don't post false reviews about things you know nothing of. We welcome all crticism, but not treachery.

New Managers at Blue Lake Resort

We at Blue Lake Resort would like to first apologize to those that did not have the best experience up here. We strive to make our customers happy and give them what they need to make their time here positively memorable.

Our customer service has never been better. Our new managers, Jason and Jessica, are bright and cheerful and ready to help. They have many years of experience within the hospitality industries. As well, they have other areas of expertise that help make Blue Lake Resort a great destination for families.

We have done some work on the road by making it a smoother and easier drive.
Our campsites are pristine and our cabins are clean.

Come to Blue Lake Resort this summer and see for yourself what we're all about!

first impression - impressed!

I havent physically seen the campground yet. I've been doing research on a family caming trip for this summer. I found the resort in the Super Camping guide I picked up from Visitors Information. I perused the website which was well laid out & designed. It answered all my questions. I called the office & they returned my call same day (infact 10minutes later!) and answered all further questions I had. We are going to be booking our site with Blue Lake Resort and look forward to bringing our family and friends there this summer.

New Managers at Blue Lake Resort

As previous guests of Blue Lake Resort, I would like to offer some words of encouragement for the new management.

Good luck.

Not Impressed...

Would definately not be going back to this "resort" - my husband and I visited the "resort in early May - there is nothing in the write up regarding the steep narrow gravel road you have to take to get to the resort - really think that should be mentioned somewhere in the advertising to let people with larger RV's know what to expect. With regards to the resort itself - the dead tree with the remnants of the kite tangled in it -the unkept sites and sorry state of repair of the wharfs, buildings and watercraft did not make this a pleasureable experience.

I use to love this place

Myself, my daughter, my friend and her daughter went to Blue Lake for the first time in 2009. We had a great time and thought the scenery was beautiful and it brought back memories from our girl guide days. Well the management in 2009 (Bev and Ron) were amazing - now flash forward to 2010 when we went again and were disappointed to find that there was new management. There are too many situations to mention but the worst one was when we were all singing girl guide songs around the campfire at around 8:30ish (and it says no noise after 10:00) and Dennis came and rudely told us to shut it down yet there were drunks partying loudly the night before. We were totally disgusted and offended by this be ause we were just having fun with our daughters and that is what camping is all about! Would love to go back but we certainly won't!!!!

i love this camping place

my co-worker was telling me of this great camping place her and friends go to all the time and they love it because it is up in the mountains and quiet.they also enjoy the swimming and activities.My husband love camping in the bushes and so we went there.Management was very accommadating and friendly.We've been there 3 times now since last summer and are going there this Easter.I tell all my friends how wonderful an experience we have as we really enjoy nature.This camp graound has big camp spots privacy and a park for the kids to play,also an area for adults to get together and play horse shoes.good bathroom facilities as well.I have been to many more convenient places to get to that aren't even close to the enjoyment this one gives to there customers.So do go and enjoy the fresh air,heck I've never been to a camp where you can get your firewood delivered to your camp space by the management.Thanks for having this great place for us to camp.

Best Place to Camp

I have been coming to Blue Lake for years and this summer looks awesome. I was just up there and they have new showers and a cool bear carving and very nice new managers. I am definiately going to be taking my RV up there this summer.

Rustic = Dilapidated+Dirty

I have been to this place three times now. The area really is beautiful.
The facilities on the other hand are not. The term 'rustic' is rather loosely applied to describe some of the cabins, lodge, and facilities. What is shown on the website does not translate to the reality of the resort. The reality being that everything is extremely rundown and in dire need of repair or renovation.
The lodge and the cabins are extremely neglected and in an appalling state of disrepair. In my opinion, the state of shabbiness is so bad as to not be safe.
Almost everything that we were supplied did not work and scrambling had to be done to find a substitute or jerry-rig a repair.
Barbeques were left uncleaned and in non-working order. Washrooms had limited water pressure and no water for showers. Washrooms leaked water into the food prep area in the kitchen (I'm sure that itself would be grounds to close down the facility)
There is an absence of cleanliness that is appalling in a facility where people sleep and eat.
This place needs a MAJOR overhaul to make it habitable and safe.


To clarify regarding the previous review:
The first couple times I was there the resort was not in great shape but had not deteriorated to the state that it was in when I was last there in April 2011.

trailer park

This place when you drive in looks like a trailer park the cabins are really neglected. Had a good time after the first day. It took some getting use to. the rustic cabins do need a bit of an overhaul not to look so dissapointing beautiful veiws nice people really nice people. MY ONLU COMPLAINT WOULD BE TO FIX UP THE CABINS A BIT AND NOT TO HAVE SO MANY PEOPLE CROWDED ON THE LOT MAYBE EXPAND A BIT MORE OR CUT DOWN. TO GET PEOPLE TO MAINTAIN THEIR TRAILERS THAT LEASE THE LOTS SO IT DOENS LOOK SO TRAILER PARKISH. I like that it is family orientated that the kids can all get along i ike that at 10 its lights out and nobody is all rowdy and drunk to all ours of the night love the fishing.

vertical dirt road in

We found the road almost impassable! We were assured that this place was big rig friendly! NOT !! We were in contact and told them the length and height of our truck and trailer and were told that this was fine. We just cleared their power lines.
nice lake but won't be back.


-Extremely dangerous deep drop off gravel/sand road to enter with only room for 1 vehicle which is a major problem when this is the only road to enter & exit-this should be advised on their site.
-at check-in we were told there was a price increase & although booked & deposit paid we had to pay the higher price. Nice time to tell people when Mgmt had our email & could have had the courtesy to advise us earlier.
-We ordered & paid for 2 bundles of wood & had to go back to the office to remind them because it hadn't been delivered
-The Management has no idea about the hiking trails etc they advertise & what this place has to offer. we asked questions & their only response is "I've been told" & when you go get back to us & let us know what is was like. Isn't it their job to know what this place has to offer, maybe they should try experiencing the hikes & lookouts so they can speak like they know what is is they manage.
-stayed in Hals Cabin..dirty dirty dirty. The fridge has hard whatever caked on the inside shelves, splatter all over the plug area between counter & stove. The worst was finding a pair of mens dirty underwear in the bedroom in the corner, if you doubt this Mgmt go out to the back deck look on the left side under the bdrm window you'll find them there, they were picked up with the fireplace shovel & thrown out.
-The place was a mouse playground at night running the kitchen table, counters etc & snakes visited us via a hole in the washroom (lower left if in the shower & lower rgt if entering the shower) I stuffed the hole with kitchen brillo pads.Go ahead Mgmt go look it'll still be there. The cottages have been allowed to go into disrepair, are in need maintenance & a good clean.
Blue Lake is more like a small pond. We are outdoor enthusists, campers & have rented many cottages across Canada, we weren't expecting the Ritz only cleanliness. Thanks goodness we brought our own dishes, pots & utensils.
The sign in the cottage says leave the cottage as you found it or your visa will be charged...WE ARE SO SORRY BUT, WE HAD TO CLEAN & COULDN'T LEAVE THE DIRTY MENS UNDERWEAR IN THE BEDROOM!!!!

ON THE POSITIVE, the weather was great & the view from the lookout was spectacular & as usual we enjoyed our family time !!!

used to be a fun place

I MISS Hal & Karen!!! & the couple that managed it for over 2 yrs straight 07-09ish? Since Hal & Karen sold it (after owning it for over 10 yrs) Blue Lake has really struggled on a downward spiral with the new owner. He went through numerous managers in the short time he has owned it. My family & I used to be regulars of the resort, from 1995 right up to the summer of 2009. After realizing that the longest managers that the new owner was able to keep---had left, my family hasnt been back. Nor have many of my other family members or friends. Its just not the same place it used to be. The road is now in dire state of repair as well as all the cabins & lodge, so Ive been told.
My friends were up this summer in end of July, & also have said the USED to be a nice place, but no more. With so many mangers (turnover), its no wonder the place is falling apart. They just cant keep up. Sorry Blue Lake...we are going to miss you, but at least we have our memories.

bad reviews are sour grapes.

I have been to Blue Lake twice now and the most recent visit was in August of 2012. The place is fantastic. No problems with the road for my 32 foot RV . The road narrows in one part but it is well marked and safe, safe safe. Unless you are a poor and erratic driver why would the grade or the gravel cause even a whiff of a problem. As for the resort itself, what a treasure. Great staff and the lake and facilities are excellent. Constant upgrades show the care and devotion to making this a great family campground and the lodgings look very nice. Sure it is not downtown Whistler but for a family holiday we had a blast and the popularity of the resort is a testimony of how they kick out the rowdy folks who are belly achers and want to ruin other peoples holidays. Then they write in rude criticisms. For us, and for all our friends, we toast Blue Lake.

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Blue Lake Resort

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63452 Blue Lake Road, Box 385,
Boston Bar, British Columbia
Canada, V0K 1C0
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(604) 867-9246
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