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Photo of the Chute Lake Resort
Photo of the Chute Lake Resort
Photo of the Chute Lake Resort
Photo of the Chute Lake Resort

Description of Chute Lake Resort: There are 8 sleeping rooms in the main Lodge, each with one double bed made up. The washroom facilities are in the central bathhouse. There are 8 rental cabins, each with a wood cookstove, a fridge, dishes, pots, pans and cutlery; some with washrooms. In addition, there is 1 cabin with an electric cookstove, a Blaze King for heat, a fridge, dishes, pots, pans and cutlery; a complete washroom. One must bring their own sleeping bags, pillows and towels for all cabins. There are three levels of camping: an area for tents without any services; an area with power and water; and an area with power, water and septic.

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Traveler Reviews of Chute Lake Resort

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This was a message to the resort
I was just at your Resort and had a horrible experience. My boyfriend and I decided to go for a drive up to Chute Lake to check it out. When we got there we saw there were cabins and thought we should rent one. We both guessed that they would all be rented but decided to try anyways. As soon as we walked in and asked if there were any cabins for rent the man at the office groaned and huffed and puffed and said "How am I to know thats my wifes job" He then walked away and walked in a complete circle and comes back and says "NO there are no cabins for rent I asked my wife" Clearly he did not ask any one. We then asked if they were reserved all summer. We got the reply "I have no idea but Im sure we are". We asked for more information and once again all we got were annoyed groans and he pointed us to a piece of paper and said "read it". All the while he is yelling at other customers telling them "Their Pies are coming...". What happened to small town friendliness. So we decide to leave about two minutes later I said I bet you they have cabins for rent and the man just lied. So we stopped right in front of the resort that we were just in and called and guess what. You guys just happen to still have cabins to rent tonight. So we were given the run around and lied to when we went into your office. That is horrible service. I will be writing the editor of the paper and letting him know about the hospitality of Chute Lake Resort. I will also be posting on facebook so my many friends will be able to see the quality and kindness if your resort. I will never go there again. My boyfriend will never go there again. Our families will no longer go and our friends will no longer go. Never have I been treated so rudely and flat out lied to in a place that considers themselves a business. Thank you oh so much for the hospitality Trust me Ill be letting everyone know! Thank you.

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Chute Lake Resort Contact Information

Chute Lake Resort

Address of Chute Lake Resort
Chute Lake Rd Mailing Address: 797 Alexander Avenue,
Penticton, British Columbia
Canada, V2A 1E6
Phone of Chute Lake Resort
(250) 493-3535
Website of Chute Lake Resort
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