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Photo of the Coombs Country Campground
Photo of the Coombs Country Campground

Description of Coombs Country Campground: Comfortable Camping in a Woodland Setting Boasting a hot tub and heated pool, this campground is conveniently located near Coombs Country Market, Coombs Emporium, Englishman River Falls Provincial Park and Little Qualicum Falls, and Cathedral Grove. It's also a good base camp for those attending the rodeo & music festivals, and is on the way to Long Beach, Tofino and Ucluelet. All sites at this campground have picnic tables and fire rings. Other amenities include hot showers, laundromat, hook-ups and sani-station, grocery/gift store, a playground and nature trails. For entertainment, campers can play table tennis, horseshoes and volleyball. Leashed pets are welcome. Visit our petting farm with goats and rabbits.

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Traveler Reviews of Coombs Country Campground

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Needs deplomacy lessons

My family and I went to visit some friends who decided to camp there for the long weekend. While the kids where touring the campground my son ran into another family we know with small children. The parents of those children were playing horseshoes and asked my son and his friend to watch and play with their younger children at the playground. They where spinning the children on the merry go round when a "lady" came out and started yelling at the older boys to get out of the play area. She took no time to ask and talk to the boys about anything, ignored them when they tried to explain. Not a very friendly place for people with teenagers. They where not swearing, being distructive in anyway. You would think that someone in her position would know how to talk to people of all ages if she had any concerns. Then she came to the campsite that we where visiting and threatened the boys that she would kick them out if they went near the playground again. She did not give anyone of us a chance to discuss her concerns before she stormed in and made threats. It was the first visit for my family and I and she made it clear teenagers are not welcome and also that she needed some lessons on deplomacy and just plain friendlyness. We will not visit again nor will any of our family or friends. Just wanted to say thanks for the non warm welcome and your lack of professionalism we will not be back.

No stars for you

Coombs Country Campground sucks.
We were attending a wedding at Cuckoos and so needed to stay close by, otherwise would have left. $45.00 per night for a gravel patch to park is bad enough but to charge my son $25 to pitch a tent beside the mohome is robbery.
Washrooms disgusting, no hot water, I mean not even cold out of the faucet! $2 for 6 min and no hot water? I charge $1 for 10 minutes and my showers make a lot of profit.
Roads full of potholes except for near the office where they make it look pretty for the unsuspecting.
Will not recommend this place and will not return.

Get some manners

We stayed at this campground for five days and won't be back. We were welcomed by the harsh manager who looked at us and said "checking in" that was our welcome to Coombs Country Campground. There is an infestation of rabbits so there is rabbit poop everywhere and they care more about the rabbits then they do about you! Getting after kids for "touching the bunnies" oh good heavens. Bathrooms are gross and showers expensive. Campground itself was all dirt hardly any grass or gravel. I tried the next day to make small chit chat with the manager who was having none of it when I went to go but toilet paper in their store (store is a hole by the way). Never ever ever coming back. And a word of advice if you want to keep your clients get rid of your manager! She is so harsh and rude!!!!!!!!!

Best on the Island

This is the best campground on the island. There is a pool/hot tub and lake to swim in. Lots of things for the kids to do playground, walking trails, arcade, basket ball hoop and volley ball. They have lots of very friendly bunnies however you can't pick them up as it may break their legs. Very friendly staff. Very clean washrooms.

Great Labour Day Week-end

Just spent a terrific week-end camping at Coombs, first time and certainly not the last. The grounds are lovely and clean, lake and pool fabulous for the kids and parents as well. No complaints from me, staff was very accommodating and helped us with setting up and getting our sewer connected. See you next year..can hardly wait!! We have our reservations already.


Great family campground. Lots for the kids to do. Fishing and swimming in lake, playground and arcade. We have been coming every year for the past 5 years and love it.

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Coombs Country Campground Contact Information

Coombs Country Campground

Address of Coombs Country Campground
Box 122, 2619 Alberni Highway, Coombs,
Parksville, British Columbia
Canada, V9P 2K5
Phone of Coombs Country Campground
(250) 248-9371
Website of Coombs Country Campground
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