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Photo of the Coquihalla Campground
Photo of the Coquihalla Campground
Photo of the Coquihalla Campground
Photo of the Coquihalla Campground

Description of Coquihalla Campground: Open April to October, this family campground is located right in Hope, on the Coquihala River. In a treed park setting, the campground offers riverfront sites, electric and water hook ups, cable TV, single and double sites, flush toilets, free sani-station, coin hot showers, covered barbecue area, laundry and mini-store. Discounts for seniors and group rates. Pets allowed.

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cabin rental

how much to rent cabin for easter long weekend


Hi, there,
we would like to make a reservation for three RVs for one night from the 6th of July until the 7th of July. We are three Families from Germany. Please let us know, if this is possible. Thank you for your answer.

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Coquihalla Campground Contact Information

Coquihalla Campground

Address of Coquihalla Campground
800 Kawkawa Lake Road,
Hope, British Columbia
Canada, V0X 1L0
Phone of Coquihalla Campground
(604) 869-7119
Toll-free phone of Coquihalla Campground
Website of Coquihalla Campground
Click here

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