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Photo of the Deercottage
Photo of the Deercottage
Photo of the Deercottage
Photo of the Deercottage

Description of Deercottage: This cozy cottage features a unique queen size loft bed, large marble shower, kitchenette,VCR,TV and CD player. Have breakfast at your leisure in the privacy of the cottage or on the large sundeck. Peaceful surroundings will enhance your stay! Covered Barbeque area. Nearby are golf courses, salmon fishing, walking trails and a shopping mall if you so desire. Butchart Gardens is a 20 minute drive away. Close to Royal Roads University.

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Deercottage Contact Information


Address of Deercottage
777 Walfred Road,
Victoria, British Columbia
Canada, V9C 2X3
Phone of Deercottage
(250) 478-2304
Website of Deercottage
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