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Photo of the Eagle Island Resort
Photo of the Eagle Island Resort
Photo of the Eagle Island Resort
Photo of the Eagle Island Resort

Description of Eagle Island Resort: N. of Kamloops, Lac Des Roches, Hwy 24. 7 theme cabins with kitchens, 20 powered campsites, showers, wonderful fishing, swimming, water toter, boat rentals and eagle sanctuary. Store, horseshoe pitch and playground. Pets welcome.

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Traveler Reviews of Eagle Island Resort

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This place sucks

Don't be fooled by the beautiful pictures on the website. They must be really old pictures because this place is a dump. The campsites are not roomy whatsoever, i didn't see no waterslide, water trampoline, horse back riding, the shack for the "canoe" rentals was right where our campsite was. The gift shop included anything you could get out of the dollar store with marked up prices. This place is far from a resort. The only nice part about it was the lake. But since you are high up in the mountains, it is freezing cold and not a very enjoyable swim. If you enjoy being crowded, overcharged, and dissapointed with what you thought you were going to see when you got there, this is the place for you.

My favorite Resort

This resort is absolutely my favorite spot to go camping every year. We started going 4 years ago for a family reunion and now most of us return year after year. It is reasonably priced. The Washrooms are new and clean. I dont know what the previous person was talking about when they left their review. But for the past 4 years a big water trampoline has been in the water right off the dock. Thier was a small kid waterslide at the end of the dock 3 years ago. But since then they have completely rebuilt the dock at the beach and have made it bigger and the new dock does not have a little waterslide. There is however a big rope swing at the resort located just past site #8. The water is so warm, and so clear. The lake is never over poplulated as thier is only one camping resort on the lake (there is one small resort on little lac de roche) and there are a few homes on the lake. Most places you go on holidays do charge more out of thier gift shops because you should pack what you need already, and if you forget something expect to pay around $1 more if you buy from a gift shop. And if you are going on holidays in the summer time, you are looking to camp waterfront on a nice lake...and this is a nice lake with nice swimming, and a very nice sandy beach. You wont be dissapointed. Site #11, and #8 are the best lakefront sites in my opinion with your own dock.

this place sucks

wow this place sucks it's really crowded and overpriced never again

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Eagle Island Resort Contact Information

Eagle Island Resort

Address of Eagle Island Resort
Highway 24, Box 12, Lac Des Roches Lake,
Bridge Lake, British Columbia
Canada, V0K 1E0
Phone of Eagle Island Resort
(250) 593-4301
Website of Eagle Island Resort
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