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Fiddlesticks Woodland Park BC Canada

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Description of Fiddlesticks Woodland Park: Fiddlesticks is a woodland campsite catering to tenting, travel trailers, campers, we have cabins, tree houses.

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Traveler Reviews of Fiddlesticks Woodland Park

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the best treehouses ever ...

it has been years since my trip to fiddlesticks but in was absolutely one of the best camping trips ever ... the treehouses were awesome ... the owner was so friendly and would pop around to give us candles and stuff ... very accommodating to have my dog there ... all in all the best treehouse camping ever

Hi Mom

Hi I didnt really know if u still own fiddlesticks , it is me wayne..

hows ron and of if cource, if u still own fiddle sticks wallace that u wuilkl understand and if not this will of cource be nonsence.

the big house on clark as i tried for many years too find u. a little prine of england

it is me wayne


Dear Lorraine, Ron & Dave; Still hold memories of Fiddlesticks and our friendship close to our hearts.
I am sending you a letter, Lorraine. I wish to come to see you as soon as the snow & ice ends!
Hope you are all Healthy & Happy!!

hi its wayne

dear loraine i stumbled upon your adress and whatnot

im in victoria , mom and dad died etc havnt had a good time of it

married but susan my wife got very ill and died with brain damage and is permanently parrilized and blind

im fine but really tired of all the crap.

please phone me at 250-381-9079

my email i cannot acess some screwup

i have looked for you for over twenty years

love ya - still christian and i need u

wayne we come again..!! are a beautifull woman.. we love to see you again..a few years ago i came to your camp went my husdband was working in the bushes..since them..(1994-1995)...i sow your place i got in 2011 and now 2012..i'am so happy to see you again now with my kids grown up and my grand son.. thanks to be so pacient with us...see you on friday!!!!!


To ALL FELLOW FIDDLESTICKS FOLLOWERS...NEW NUMBER IS 1-250-309-0280 Hope to see u soon!

Lorraine. Did you contact Wayne?

Change of owners

Please feel free to visit Fiddlesticks for all the amazing best that it has to offer, and explore how we have made it even better than ever ...

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Fiddlesticks Woodland Park Contact Information

Fiddlesticks Woodland Park

Address of Fiddlesticks Woodland Park
289 Fiddlesticks Woodland Park, Highway #6,
Cherryville, British Columbia
Canada, V0E 2G0
Phone of Fiddlesticks Woodland Park
(250) 503-7889
Website of Fiddlesticks Woodland Park
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