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Photo of the Gold Panner Campground
Photo of the Gold Panner Campground
Photo of the Gold Panner Campground
Photo of the Gold Panner Campground

Description of Gold Panner Campground: Open from the beginning of April to the end of October, the campground has cabins with wood stoves as well as partial and full hook ups for RVs. Local points of interest include historic mine tours and a display of antique mining and farming equipment.

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Traveler Reviews of Gold Panner Campground

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This place was terrible! The staff were unfriendly, the cabin was overpriced and the overall feel of the campground makes you uncomfortable. We used to camp at Goldpanner multiple times a year when it was owned by a FRIENDLY person. The new owners are rude, and made the Goldpanner Campround an uncomfortable and overpriced place to be. They also look quite odd...

Horrific Treatment

My husband and I were driving through Cherryville after a long weekend vacation. We stopped briefly at the Goldpanner to stretch our legs and allow our dog some fresh air. I have camped at the Goldpanner in previous years and am aware of their leashed dog policy. Our dog was on a leash. We wandered around the main entrance waiting for the owner to complete his discussion with someone else prior to speaking with him. Immediately after the visitor left the owner began yelling vulgarities at me telling me that I was on private property and to get the "f" off his property. Believe it or not I tried explaining to him why we were there and that I wanted to show my husband the campsite because he had never been there before. The owner continued yelling at me saying that he didn't care and that if we wanted to stop and look we could "f~ing pay for it." Oddly even as we were going back to our car he continued yelling saying we "were f-ing uneducated". At this point my husband turned around and called him an "asshole" but this did not seem to stop the owner's tirade as he told us "so were we."
I am still completely confused and upset by the way we were treated and I cannot imagine how he can maintain a business if he treats others this way as well.
The owner's behaviour was disgusting, uncalled for atrocious. We have never been so poorly treated.

Customer Service???

This is an ugly place.
Several years ago the management were very congenial people.
The current owners are extremely rude and arrogant.
My wife and I were there on Saturday June 13, 2015 and were spoken to as if we were some kind of garbage. We had gone there to meet a large family group for a memorial service. The management knew about this occasion well before the day, and should have refused to have any of us there if they have such contempt for people.
We were not the only ones who had issues with these people. Several of our grouup members had also been very badly treated by the owners.
The restaurant is not open for business.
The museum was only open for about two hours during the day.
The washroom we were using has flush toilets, sinks, and a pay shower. For a campground the appearance was relatively clean, but there was an extremely foul, sulphurous stench in and around the building. I was told that this odour was prevalent all of the previous day also. I can only assume that the septic tank was not properly maintained. ( Is this a health hazard, or just disgusting? )
A couple of hours after arriving I noticed a boil water advisory ( 8.5" X 11" ) on the notice board at the front entrance. We were not told about the water when we arrived, or given any written notice. None of the taps in the washroom, or anywhere we saw on the grounds had a warning about the water.
I have been told that this business is up for sale.

zero stars

They should allow zero stars for BELOW HATED! Yuri the new owner hates people, and should not be in the business at all

They drive around looking for people making 'infractions' of the rules and get in arguments with them - Our Family (EXTENDED over 100 strong) have gone to this campground through 6 owners, for over 30 years, and my Parents have lived ON the campground for 26.

This campground has attracted us year after year as a place of fun, panning, playing, a Museum, great food in the Cafe, etc...

NOW - it is a horrible time, with an overbearing owner and his wife, coming down and screaming at customers for infractions (ANY) of rules, parking wrong, 2 people on a trampoline, or trying to park for 1 hour for free at a memorial service.

We had my mother's memorial service there (God rest her soul) and he fought with 3 different people NOT including me, whom I had to tell him to leave the members of the memorial alone from that point on - no personal threat ever made but a PROMISE was made - to tell EVERYONE who could read - that they SHOULD NOT stay at his campsite

It will not be a nice stay, our family will never stay again, over 30 years and likely thousands of days of stays, STOPPED!

i love this place

I really enjoyed my time at this campground. The new owners are very friendly. The cabins are super clean. There are new showers, new toilets, their cafe/restaurant was completely redone and looks great and super clean. There is also one new cabin and you can smell the new wood which is awesome. The air there is so fresh. Even though it is close to the highway it is really quiet spot. There is a wonderful creek and places to go to hike. There is many lakes close by and stores too. Their souvenir shop carries popsicles (the fancy ones too) and all kind of goodies and unique souvenirs. You can try your hand at goldpanning by buying dirt that has gold in it. I found all the pieces, YAY. The playground looks newly painted and fixed up, and there is a new trampoline. There is even kitchen area that can be used for big events and renting it out doesn't cost much at all. We stopped planned on staying for a night and move on, but liked it so much we stayed 3 more days and explored this amazing place. We looked at other campgrounds before settling here, but they looked just ok and space was not great. The amenities at this location were far better than many we had stopped at and we will certainly be returning.

I read up on the previous negative reviews and know you people are full of BS because when we came there, an inspector was leaving and we asked if everything was alright, as we were concerned. He told us that yes that everything is perfect in fact, but apparently some malicious people sent them even though the campground has passed highest level of testing (water, septic and etc.) We spoke to the owner to get a spot that we liked and he was very accommodating and friendly. We got to talking to some older folks who stay there all the time, they had a spot near us. We got to talking as they had a nice dog. They said that not too long ago there was a reunion there of some sort and that the people were maliciously verbally attacking the owners. They said cops had to be called as some people were spurring on others to start attacking the owners. Later on some other folks have mentioned the same and we heard nothing, but good stuff about the owners from people who have also have been coming there for years. It would have been nice to have the restaurant open, but we were made aware it was closed so we packed food, so that's fair. We also were considering seeing the museum, but we were told by some people that it is only open sometimes as it is not run by the owners, but by some historical society, so logically that was not their fault. I personally like the place

Great campground

Having camped at this campground has been a high-lite each time we come and highly recommend it. Very friendly and accommodating owner/operators. Excellent large fully serviced sites, clean washrooms, great 15 minute hiking trails to the river where 100 year old gold panning equipment still in place. Good trout fishing .
Museum on site operated by Cherryville volunteers. Gold panning demonstrations for guests and schools in the area. We score a ten out of ten

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Gold Panner Campground Contact Information

Gold Panner Campground

Address of Gold Panner Campground
RR 1 Site 9A Comp 6, 423 Highway 6, Cherryville,
Lumby, British Columbia
Canada, V0E 2G0
Phone of Gold Panner Campground
(250) 547-2025
Website of Gold Panner Campground
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