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Photo of the Homestead RV & Tent Campground
Photo of the Homestead RV & Tent Campground
Photo of the Homestead RV & Tent Campground
Photo of the Homestead RV & Tent Campground

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Traveler Reviews of Homestead RV & Tent Campground

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What a beautiful place

My family and I actually stumbled upon this paradise by accident, and we were so glad we did. Because we know that when we take our family vacation for the summer Homestead is our home for great fun, hot weather and a good family time. :)

Never Returning

Sicamous is a lovely area, but the Homestead is VERY poorly run. I didn't meet a camper that did not have an issue with the management.

Facilities in Poor Conditions

- 1 Mens & 1 Womens shower open for the entire place
- 2 Toilets in Mens & Womens facilities with only 1 toilet working part time, rest of time plugged
- Prices changed when we arrived
- Spot asked for was not what we were told we would have
- Not happy & will not go again until it changes hands.


The campground is beautiful but the facilities within the grounds are in terrible shape & not working. Men: 1 shower, 2 toilets, Women: 1 shower, 1 toilet & shower not working 1/2 the time. Owner is rude & never around. Comments like: "have someone watch the door while you shower in the mens's room" is not appropriate. Campground is up for sale - would not suggest camping there until ownership changes.

Too bad as it has great potential & used to be a great place.

thank you

thank you for your comment looking to purchase a RV park...

Rudest owner ever

We stayed there this summer for a family reunion. The owner was the rudest man we had ever dealt with. Did not talk to one person there that didn't think he was rude. Would never stay there again unless there were new owners.

NEVER going back

3 families including mine, stayed there last summer. The host was extremely rude almost to the point of getting into a confrontation. When I told him that I wanted to leave and asked for my money back he said "too bad you already paid".
The place was extremely run down and the sewer connection actually backed up over the lawn. The owner would not let us move locations when the sewer backed up. The owner would also not let a visitor park her car anywhere on the camp ground because of "insurance liabilities".
I would urge anyone that is thinking about staying here to go elsewhere.

very nice place

we enjoyed our stay here,the caretakers are so friendly and helpful.i would come stay here again and its right on the river. there is lots of grassy areas if you use a tent and even if you are in an rv its nice not tracking dirt or sand in where you go and also has a swimming pool and play area for kids and free showers

New Management

Stayed here this spring and found out that the campground is under new management! Things are getting fixed. If the improvements go as I was told we will be going back on a regular basis. The care takers bent over backwards to make our stay very enjoyable.4 toilets and 3 showers for the men and the same for the women were all working.

Beautiful :)

Management at the Homestead Campground has changed. Beautiful Campsite Clean Pool 2 sets of showers and bathrooms for both men and women working. Highly Recommend :)


If it's under new management for the grounds the man is doing p*$$ poor sh*!!y job, a monkey could do a better job. Yes it is a beautiful place, the lady at the front office extremely nice but the man taking care of the grounds should take some communication courses, he is the rudest person we have ever dealt with running a campground(we've been to LOTS) or for that matter a business. Very confrontational right off the get go, acquised us of going to fast through the campground, our pickup didn't even move that evening. Saw 2 other sites have words with him and they packed up and left. There was a fire ban but 3 other sites had fires going, he didn't say anything to them. I really believe he is the reason the place is so run down, the only thing he seemed to do was drive his big pickups around a little camp ground,I'm thinking to damn lazy to walk. Toilets....well for 2 of the 3 days we were there no soap to wash your hands in womens or mens washrooms and half the time the paper towel wasn't put in the paper holder by the last day no paper towel in the womans either. One of the toilets in the womens moved when you sat down on it, I was afraid in would break right off. How he fixed the broken toilet in the mens washroom he screw the door shut. Only 2 of the 3 showers worked in the womens washrooms. The only plus was the pool was clean and you could park any where to set up camp. If they are ever able to sell, the poor new owners have their work cut out for them, to attract tourist after this guy. THUMBS WAY DOWN for the grounds management.

Facilities not working.Rude Owner

Will never go back to this campground. Owner rude. toilets broken, no soap or paper in washrooms and showers did not work. The pool was shut down as some guest had s**t in it. The picnic tables were broken and there no garbage containers at the sites. There was a fire ban on but other guests had open flame fires and owner did nothing about it(apparently friends of the owner, I assume,) as when we registered they made it clear there was no open flame fires. Where was the Forestry Department on that one!!!!!

Great place to end our adventure

My family ,along with a family we were traveling with came across this wonderful campground by accident almost. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay. there were a few hic ups, but we made the best of it. A guest had...pooped in the pool, the manager and the maintenance man felt awful that the pool had to be shut down, but this certainly was not their fault,as some guest ruined it for us all for 24 hrs. We would definatley stay here again and recommend it to our friends.

Its camping see for yourself

The place is beautiful. The owner/manager Debbie is not rude, she is kind, respectful and very accomodating. A couple bad calls over the years with who was running the campground has been all sorted out now. There was always at least one operational toilet and shower for the men and for the women you may have just had to walk a little further, out of orders do happen. If paper towel and soap running out you simply could have let office know as outrageous as it sounds. Convenient garbage dumping stations. I'd rather not see garbage cans all over the property for a few reasons. Department of Forestry officers approved all open flame sources (different from campfires) that were being operated at campground during ban regularily. I love this place. Bring on summer 16 of camping at Homestead Campground!!

20 years and counting

I have been coming here for 20 years and my dad for 40 some odd years... Growing up the old management (woman man and their 4 kids) did an awesome job! I don't know why they ever sold! But though the campground lost it's friendliness it's still there when it counts.... Last year duringthe fire ban a group of kids lit fireworks and it caught grass on fire near our tent. The man offered menand my boyfriend to stay in one if the cabins just in case as he had called the police and were looking for the culprits. The most depressing part of our stay over the last few years was the fire ban(not their fault) and the arcade... We used to spend more money than we used to rent a spot there.. It had a pool table, tones of games like PAC man and street fighter... Now it's always locked right up... Still it's a pleasant place. If you care about the few toilets and few showers, well honey... Book into a hotel your too high maintenence to camp.

12 years and counting

We have watched this place slowly fall apart, with less and less facilities. It is a great place to camp with great potential, just needs a lot of TLC. The management last year was great, so we look forward to going again, just wish someone would put a little money into fixing all those facilities and amenities that made it a GREAT place to camp( ie: bathrooms, ESP. The one by the pool, the arcade, the pancake breakfasts, the laundry facilities,trampoline, play park for kids, etc) But if you are used to roughing it, like us, then it is pretty luxurious!

New Owners, Perfect Weekend

Reading older reviews, was a bit apprehensive, but we needed a last minute booking for the long weekend. The new owners were more than accomodating, and super helpful and nice. The campground itself is beautiful, clean, quiet, and is right on the Eagle River shoreline so anyone can go foshing or swimming, or floating. Only complaint I had is we had to leave so soon!

Fantastic new owners & beautiful campground

New owners Mac & Sandra are terrific, friendly people. It is apparent that they have done a major amount of work to renovate the entire place. The campground is renamed Family Tree Riverside RV & Campground. We loved our stay at this campground! The grounds are beautiful and tidy, bathrooms & showers are clean and the pool is great! We will definitely visit again next summer.

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Homestead RV & Tent Campground

Address of Homestead RV & Tent Campground
Box 129,
Sicamous, British Columbia
Canada, V0E 2V0
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