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Photo of the Hope Valley Campground
Photo of the Hope Valley Campground
Photo of the Hope Valley Campground
Photo of the Hope Valley Campground

Description of Hope Valley Campground: Campground /RV Park - Seasonal heated outdoor pool, laundry, showers, sani-station, picnic tables, washrooms, volleyball, horseshoe pitch, playground, games room, store, three way hookups, cable TV available, bike rentals. Wir sprechen Deutsch

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Traveler Reviews of Hope Valley Campground

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My family has been using this campground for many years. We love it... The new managers have also given it that family park feeling again. I tell everyone to bring there family to this little piece of paradise camping style. :)... To all those camper families weather your tenting it or using a RV you will love it.

Thanks to all the staff for good times.

I love this place!

This place is amazing! I camp here every 2nd weekend during the summertime. The owners and workers are such nice people, the view around is amazing, the people camping are so nice, they have everything for a family could ask for(Pool, Full Playground, Arcade, and candy!) Also, about a 10-15 minute walk from the river. and a 5 minute drive to town :)

I love this place!

This place is amazing! I camp here every 2nd weekend during the summertime. The owners and workers are such nice people, the view around is amazing, the people camping are so nice, they have everything for a family could ask for(Pool, Full Playground, Arcade, and candy!) Also, about a 10-15 minute walk from the river. and a 5 minute drive to town :)


We stayed there for the first and last time on July9. The tenting area was so bad we paid for 2 days but left the next morning. The picnic table was full of bird crap and a layer of dust. I mean full.We had to throw away our dish towel we used to try to clean it. We ate our dinner on our laps. The awning over the table dripping with spider webs. The camp worker drove the golf cart around like he was racing and as he passed by you had to turn your head away or get an eye full of dust. Never again. $30/night for that!!!!!!!!

Best Place Ever

This place is amazing. Me and my family have been going since 2002 and it has always been amazing. The arcade is a great place to go on a rainy day and the pool, full playground and empty fields are a great place to hang out on a sunny day. With a mini store at the check in desk you can buy a limited amount of groceries so you dont have to go into town. Also, there are laundry machines and great places to bike or walk around the Campground. The size of campgrounds are plentyful and we can fit tents and a screen house with room to sit around the fire. To the person saying the campground was dirty-Hello! It is outside! What do you expect?-The owners are going to come around and scrub the tables?
This is the best campground ever!

What a Dump

This place had turned into a dump. Last year it was clean and the staff were so friendly. It was a real family campground. When we stayed here this year the pool was so filthy I wouldn't even let my kids go in. The bathrooms are disgusting and there is garbage everywhere. The staff was so-so, but the old guy on the golf cart was a pain in the butt. What a disappointment. We won't be returning.

All Good

After reading negative reviews "What a Dump" and "Dirty," we almost gave Hope Valley Campground a miss this time. We're glad we didn't. We enjoyed our two-day stay as much as previous visits and saw nothing to complain about. The grounds are well maintained, pool and washrooms clean, and the staff are courteous and friendly. Hope Valley has not disappointed and remains one of our favourite campgrounds. We will definitely be returning.

What a disappointment

I'm not sure where "All Good" stayed but it couldn't have been Hope Valley Campground in Hope, BC. We were there a week last Saturday and I couldn't even use the showers because the ceilings were so moldy, not to mention up the walls. The grounds are littered with garbage and my husband and kids said the pool smelled like urine. They actually had to come in to the trailer and shower. It was such a disappointment because in other years the camp was always well maintained and clean. The staff was courteous, but that's the only positive thing I can say about Hope Valley now. Don't waste your time and money.

Too Bad

This was a regular spot for us as we enjoyed the management and the cleanliness of the campground. The new owners decided not to keep the experienced managers and are now trying to run it themselves, bad idea. They have no idea what they are doing and have a problem even taking reservations properly. The cleanliness and maintenance is basically non existent. Unfortunately they will learn the hard way that good campground management is hard to come by and is much needed for a successful business. I expect this campground will be for sale very soon as they can not run a business this way.

What's going on ?

I like to know the real truth about this place . Can anyone really tell me. ??? Who should I belive, the complainers or the good-say-ers!?

The Truth

On Occasion, These things happen. People exaggerate and embellish their stories. It is never really as bad as people say.
Go Camping. It is worth it.

It really is that bad

I'm not sure who is writing the positive reviews. Maybe they are just used to camping in a dirty campground and don't notice the mold and filth in the bathrooms or the cloudy stinky swimming pool. Sometimes people accept the filth because that's what they get at other campgrounds. This campground used to be different. It was always clean and well maintained. Now it's gone to pot. I talked to some of the people that camp there seasonally and they said it was amazing how fast the campground fell apart once the new owners and managers took over. I would not waste any time or money going to Hope Valley campground again.

Who ever route that last comment has no idea what they are Gallic about I mean like come on it is a camp ground not a resort

Not Dirty

I Just don't understand people. I went Camping there 2 years ago and we had a tenting site. The manager made no bone about not liking tenters say they were all dirty. The pool was cloudy when we were there 2 years ago and the wash room were not that clean. We didn't like the attitude of the other manager he seemed to get into lots of fights with the campers in front of kids and other campers and there was a lot of swearing coming out of his mouth. After the last scene that happened in the store we decided we would not be back. We heard it was under new management so we decided to come back. What a difference. The front where you come in and all the campsites were trimmed and the roadways were made wider for the big rv to get down. The management was nice they even deliver wood and Ice to your campsite. The pool was clean you could see right to the bottom. The weekend we were there they had a pancake breakfast it was great. We heard they also have a big BBQ on the sept long but we could not get in because it was booked solid. I would like to know if it was such a bad place to go how come it is full just about every weekend

What a Load

Obviously there are people writing reviews on this site who are either related to, or being paid by, the owners/managers of this campground. They also seem to have a hard time with grammar, etc. Not only did the previous manager not fight with campers or swear at campers, he was more well liked then anyone who has ever ran that campground. The pool and bathrooms were always spotless and they were never moldy. We never had problems with any of the staff (especially the manager) nor did any of our friends and family - and we were there several times in 2008 and 2009. As for the campground being full every weekend this past season, I heard - and saw - first hand that it was pretty much dead most of August and the Sept long weekend was not booked solid. They also received many complaints about screwed up bookings and the filthy bathrooms. When we were there this past August they had some teenage boy cleaning the bathrooms. I'm sure he did the best he could, but really don't be so cheap, pay an adult a living wage to get them done correctly. I'm not saying don't go there, please do, so you can see for yourself what a hell hole it has turned into.

You Should Camp Here!!!

Anybody who likes to go camping should come here to The Hope Valley Campground.It's the best place ever!!! You could go swimming, kids can run in the feilds, or on the playground,play horse shoes, go on a walk. have a fire and lots more. Also from time to time they have Pancake Breakfasts. It is an Awsome place. Kids and Adults love it there.

Not bad :)

I just came home from their tonight!
I love the campground myself :)
The management is awesome, its such a beautiful campground. and from what i see, it is VERY clean. Sure the bathroom might be a little dirty, but they can't be in their cleaning it every 5 minutes ! ..
& It's camping people, their will be birds pooping on tables, and spiders growing webs, you cant control that :)
I love this campground :)

I love it

This campground is so family orientated! They have new managers as of May. They are so incredibly nice! For kids, they have a very clean pool(cleanest that the fraser health board has ever seen it!), playground, large field, and a arcade. Also, they will deliver wood and ice to your campsite, so you don't have to carry the heavy load yourself! There are a lot of people seasonal there who would love to help you if your lost. If you happen to be there on a long weekend, you'll get a pancake breakfast! September long weekend, they have a big bbq, with 50/50 draws and lots of stuff for the kids, like face painting and prizes. It is definitley a great campsite, and next year it has a lot more to come :)
and about the uncleanliness, i dont know what you are talking about. I never see garbage on the ground, and if i do. i pick it up. people will just throw it on the ground you know. and the washrooms are very clean, but they cant control how women throw their pads on the ground, and just dont care.. if you dont like it, then .. just dont come back, they dont want you!

I love this place

wow...what childish comments...this is a campground of which God gave open sky mountains to see and enjoy..after all we the campers are invading the birds .. racoons..squirrels turf..and the openness is for birds and whats with u people..its not a resort...I find the new management treats everyone with fairness and respect actually like family...I am the most pickiest person I know...but I have found the bathrooms very clean and the campsite very clean...its the people that moans the loudest..must be the ones that are making the mess...especially after the swims in pool as when I have gone into washrooms I have seen dirty pads thrown in corners..dirty wet diapers thrown in the toilet floors...if I was management...I would
leave huge notes around..to embarrass the women who are so filthy...they should not be here to clean up that kind of filth but they do..or the 15 year old boy should not have to see u womens filth...kids diapers whats the problem with people taking a few minutes of your time to place them where they belong..toilet paper thrown on floors..hand towels after washing whats so hard to hit it into the large garbage can they placed in there...so people be more resposible and cleaner yourselves...as the new management does treat all of us with respect and as a family...


I'm not sure who is writing all of these positive reviews, but I will just say that when I camped there this summer it was really run down. The pool was filthy, the bathrooms also filthy, and the management is less than stellar. I had been there several times before over the years and it was always clean. I didn't always care for the German owners, they were a bit harsh at times but the camp was a joy. The last managers were pretty good - very friendly and helpful and the camp was always clean. The people managing the campground this past summer(2010) were rather low class and rough looking. Which might account for some of the campers they let in. The other staff seemed nice, but it wasn't enough to make up for the unkempt buildings, etc. I won't go back until they get new management. Thanks for listening.


The new oriental owners thought they could easily run a campground and get rich. Now they will be out of business by the end of this season because they could not manage there way out of a wet paper bag. We came here very often when Dave was running the place but after he got fired from the the new owners the place went to shit very fast.
Way to go morons, you ruined a great campground.

Not Ruined

This Campground is a great place we have tried out a lot of places and we always came back to Hope Valley. It is family friendly, great freindly staff. Great pancake breakfasts!! The place is clean most of the time. Don't forget during the summer how many people are using the pool and washrooms they try their best to keep the place clean. The new owner is making a lot of changes to the campground which the previous manager never did. Everyone deserves a chance! He is a great person always talking about improvements. And by the way Mr Dave was not fired he quit the job himself.

I definately recommend this place Hope Valley Campground is the best!!

Too Bad

To the above reviewer....you are correct..I heard Dave quit. He apparently could not work with the new owners so decided to leave and let them and the new managers have a go at it themselves. As far as the bathrooms and pool. When I camped there previously they were always well maintained. That is, until Dave left and the new people took over. There is no excuse for them to be dirty..of course people use them that's what they're there for. As far as changes to the campground, all I could see when I was there last year (2010) was a lot of clear cutting but nothing was done to the services, no upgrades to the electrical. Talking about improvements and doing them are two different things. You have to have money to fix and upgrade - Dave was only the manager, he did not control the purse strings. I and many other campers I've talked to think he did a great job with what he had to work with - which apparently was nothing. He even had to get a friend to put in a computer system as the old owners wouldn't spring for it. I also heard through the grapevine that the previous managers to Dave were coming back as caretakers this year. I for sure will not come camping there again if this is true, because I can remember how rude the wife was, and the husband was fighting with campers all the time. I hope for the sake of the campground and the new owners that they have not hired back the managers from 2006. It's really too bad, because that was our favourite place to camp.

It is our favorite place

Been RVing for going into our 2nd year and we have found this campground to be our close home away from home. We have full hookup and no need to use outside bathrooms/showers but the sites are nice and private, we have had no problem with power/sewer/tv hookups and the pool has been nice and clean when we've used it.

Plan on doing a few visits this upcoming season.

Management was a little testy but they have been accomodating for what we've requested.

All in all, hope this place doesn't go the way of the dodo bird as it is a very nice getaway.

Let's be serious!

I have only been going to Hope Valley for about 5 years now.
The new owners are wonderful people. We actually camped beside them and our dog kept disappearing to their place to get the yummy foods they were readily handing out.
Hope Valley really is a small community onto itself but, BUT, they do welcome everyone, so though it seems several people know each other they do include everyone in activities.
Last year due to an unfortunate accident the water pump blew and the managers were so kind they gave us water from their personal water cooler and even transported it to our site for me. My kids would have had to eat only hotdogs and not if not for that.
The community meals and activities are great. I know my kids love participating and never feel they are not part of the crowd!
As for dirty bathrooms and pool. I guess I have been fortunate and not seen the pool dirty except for some leaves blown in late season. The bathrooms are cleaned daily and if you tell management about a problem (instead of just complaining) they are appreciative and get to righting it a.s.a.p.
I am thrilled to be able to take all my dogs to one campground as well. My bigger can look intimidating but is really a baby. His looks though can make some people turn us away, Hope Valley never has. They are adult, kid and pet friendly!
Last year my cousins went along on a couple trips as tenters and they were welcomed as much as us in our newer model trailer.
I will say....this place is very friendly and if you are getting "attitude" perhaps you have to look inwards and see if you are projecting the same as I have never seen an unkind act here.

used to be better

We stayed here the years before and it was spotless. The last time the toilets and showers were dirty. The new owners are very unfriendly and use a golfkart to race around the place.
It is a pitty because it used to be our favorite campground in BC.

I would like to know the truth

We are new to camping again, and would like to stay local but find it hard to beleive some of the stories said about this campground. What's the truth?. You must understand some people ard pigs when it comes to cleaniness. We had a RV Park Site with public washrooms/pool etc and no matter how hard maintence tried to clean them some one would mess it up, like cleaning the BBQ in the showers or taking a dump in the pool. Please don't blame management all the time, remember people are pigs at times. So I guess we will have to see for ourselves. P.S. I DO NOT have any connection to this campsite.

Patience Required

This place is typical of most rv parks I have stayed at. The places are run down, old,and falling apart! These places drive me nuts. They charge top dollars for their places and they suck. No soap dishes in the showers, no mats on the shower floors, maybe one old hook for your clothes! I have even seen some places where they have painted (several times) over broken hooks!!Cant replace a broken .50 cent hook!!!!!
Yes, this place was run down. When I was there this summer there was lots of upgrading going on. I stayed at the end of August, Sept. and part of Oct. They were busy putting in new sewer lines. water&power to many new sites. Old washrooms and bathrooms were torn down. The new owners were left a huge rundown mess and they are changing that.
When I was there, the pool was nice and clean and I used it a couple of times as well as others. I enjoyed the peace and quiet there as well as the shade from the huge trees. All of the campers I met there were long time customers and loved it there. Me too!! Ill be back again this year and looking forward to the improvements. I also found the long term rates very reasonable.
Give the new owners some time and check this place out yourself.

This campground used to be great until the new owners took over.
-Harassment by owner
-Dirty bathrroms
-Dirty pool
-owners nickle and diming campers to death
-don't bother trying to book a specific site as you wont have it when you arrive. They can take reservations but cant keep reservations.
Pick another campground

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