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Photo of the Monkman Provincial Park
Photo of the Monkman Provincial Park
Photo of the Monkman Provincial Park
Photo of the Monkman Provincial Park

Description of Monkman Provincial Park: The park has a diverse water system that includes the Murray and Monkman drainages. Scenic rapids, waterfalls, streams and lakes all contribute to the dramatic visual impact of the landscape. The northern section of Monkman Provincial Park features Kinuseo Falls, where the Murray River plunges 60 metres over a geological fault to the river bed below. This thunderous cascade of water is higher than Niagara Falls and provides many visitors with the highlight of their trip. Despite the rugged grandeur of the park, prime areas of it can be easily accessed--there is even a wheelchair-accessible platform affording great views of the Falls and horseshoe pits at the nearby campsite. Activities at Monkman include camping, fishing, hiking, and wildlife viewing, picnicking, and backcountry camping.

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Traveler Reviews of Monkman Provincial Park

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Kanuso Campground

Sadly there is far more wrong with this park these days than there is right. Let's start with the road in - 61km of extremely poorly maintained gravel roads - I lost a tire on the way in, as did the fellow in the next campsite. The Pine Beetle has decimated the trees in the park and though I was not willing to try the other campgrounds to see if they were better, the Kanuso campground has basically been destroyed. The sites are still there, but most of the trees are gone - it's like camping in an open field. Half the campground is closed while they log the deadfall. Unless you really have your heart set on seeing the falls (which really are amazing and 'almost' make up for the rest of it) I would stay away from this park for a while until the rangers and Mother Nature have had a few years to clean it up...

monkman park

I really don't think that the park is in the middle of ft. st. john as the map indicates

no comment

It's not the park's nor the people's fault what has become of Monkman. We can't control the beatle, and yes it's sad but if all your gonna do is complain about the bad things than you obviously don't give a damn about the place. I grew up camping their evey summer since i was a kid. i remember going on the stone corral, jade lake,flatbed falls, ect. i don't like it either, but unless your gonna do something about it, stop dissing it. besides, if the road was paved, every lunatic with a vehicle would have been up there, and that place was perfect the way it was.

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Monkman Provincial Park

Address of Monkman Provincial Park
on the Murray River Road, 60 kilometres south of Tumbler Ridge,
Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia
Canada, V1J 6M7
Phone of Monkman Provincial Park
(250) 787-3407
Website of Monkman Provincial Park
Click here

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