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I've never seen anything so unhabitable in my life! They should be shut down permentely and fined severely...what a fu*king joke!

Very nice

We stayed there and rooms were very nice. I'm not sure if the previous reviewers were expecting 5 star, or if they have malicious motivations.

The rooms were clean, had big windows, and they had a lovely court-yard. The logger's breakfast was awesome, or try the plate-sized omelets! I can honestly say they have some of the best Chinese food on Vancouver Island. I especially like combo C, so it also is a good place for lunch or dinner.

If you don't believe me, check out their website at www.quatsinochalet.com , look for yourself.

I would stay here again, and I would recommend it to friends. Port Alice is a sweet spot!

Nice Try

That last comment was obviously the owners.Anyone whose ever stayed there would never say that.No I don't think those other people were expecting a 5-star, but clean sheets, dishes and bathrooms would have been nice! I completly agree with the first two coments.

Fair hotel, good value

I would not say very nice but it was a good value. The sheets and bathroom were clean. This is a nice little town. The price can't be beat.

Where are the other reviewers from?

Shifnal, England


Hey guys, we have stayed at this place only once and believe me. IT IS HORRIBLE.
Anyways the last time we were in port alice we found a REALLY nice B&B called PAM (Port Alice Marina) and it was amazing. although it is a little more expensive than the motel. the extra 10-20$ is well worth it. PLUS breakfast is obviously included

Don't trust the owners review

HA HA HA...totally agree that the third review is so obviously the owners!!! and they are obviously delusional if they believe any good thing they said about this place! I stayed here and our sheets were covered in hair and STAINS!!, and when we asked that they be changed they had the gull to say there would be a $50 extra charge for that..WTF!, dirty socks were under the bed along with a rolled up $20 bill!! The toilet seat was covered in piss and pubes, we had no toaster, and they forgot to wake us up for our wake up call we requested! We ended up changing rooms, but even the next was not much better! DO NOT STAY HERE, RUN, RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN!! SLEEP IN YOUR VEHICLE!!


My hubby calls it the "barracks" not the chalet. Often he stays there for work (hes a tree planter) and almost prefers the bush camp...

Trash talk

The Quatsino Chalet was originally a Delta Hotel built around 1968, Delta pulled out in the early 1970's and it's slow plunge to its present state started. The annex, better known as the "Zoo" due to one owner putting bars on the windows, not sure if it was too keep the people in or people out, was an awesome party house in the mid 1970's.
The bar and lounge were always full of good people and resteraunt had great food, ahhh the good times.

Today the whole or hole place is just a run down dump not fit for it's classy misleading name. Man, I'm itchy just thinking about sleeping there. As for "the best Chinese food on Vancouver Island" LOL that's sooo funny, I recall seeing chicken marinating in an ice cream bucket on the kitchen floor, not even covered. Or I think it was chicken, hey.. has anyone seen my cat?

oh my god

This place is disgusting only staying here cause we are here working. if you have to stay bring your own sheets towels and slippers cause i wont walk on this carpet and so far towels are all stained and well used the hotel part is gross and the appartment side is well i wouldn't let my dog sleep there .the restaurant suprizingly has very good food and decent price

rundown not a dollar put back in

Had to go through 3 rooms to find no hair in beds,stunk like mould,thin staind towls.garbage emptied daily,bed made.the owners are running all the way to the bank and not putting any money back into place.appartment rooms are worse,they call the place the zoo over there


Suprise it's allowed to run as a motel 1 star is a compliment


i had dogfood all over the closet and hanging out into the hallway and it was'nt cleaned up all week! My partner across the hall said his room looked like someone hung from the ceiling fan and shaved their ass!!! And those are the pros , just imagine the cons!!


my room wasnt cleaned for 9 days,i finally complained,the bath mat looked like an old piece of back bacon,that hadnt moved for 9 days ,the sink was filthyand the toilet truly a disgrace ,when i told the owner he used the toilet brush to clean the sink the toilet and the bath,the towels are thin at best and are stained with blood and other secretions ,and dont expect an extra roll of toilet paper ,or a microwave oven,since you need proper electrical,and this room doesnt have it ,you can see the mold under the linoleum in my room ,i phoned the health inspector ,the lady at the front desk said go ahead,so i did .you dont want to hear the rest ,but i wouldnt be eating in the restaurant,just think i was in a supposed nice room ,dont get shoved out back ,which they claim is renovated,last time i was in one of the rooms i found an old newspaper under the bed from the early eighties and a sleeve of dorito chips from the same vintage ,they never changed the shower curtain the whole time we were staying there ,and our crew had alot more issues as well.

Why hasn't the Health Authority shut this place down?

Absolutely the worst and most filthy place imaginable! Sleeping in your vehicle or in a tent would be a much better option. CONFIRMED BED BUGS!!! Stay away. Nasty, nasty.

gross has bed bugs

owners do not care about cleaning your room . The hotel does have bed bugs.This hotel is a shit hole. stay stay far away.


The good: Great Chinese food. Highly recommend the Wor Won Ton. The western food...... Not so much.

The bad and definitely ugly: Sometimes I wonder if they've heard of a vacuum there. Looked under the bed when first got in there, very dirty and found a baby blanket. Pubes on towels and in "cleaned" shower. Found blood spots on "clean" sheets. If you must stay here, bring a sleeping bag! Mould found in bathrooms and found myself along with others having trouble breathing the next day. Amazingly enough, cleared up after a day away. Weird. Very dusty and dirty overall....take a look at the blinds should be enough proof of that. I could go on but it's a waste of my time.

The lowdown: Go for the Chinese food, run away from the rest!


Holy Hell, stayed 1 night. Ate the food. The restaurant was just nightmarish. The TV was on full volume, the family who run the place sat down and had a loudest family dinner ever complete with changing a crying baby on their table. Thought the food was ok until 1AM when I began to vomit out my ass. I just could not stop. Ran out of toilet paper and discovered NO SPARE ROLL. In the meantime it was frigid cold in the room. The floor heating was non-functional; the only heater in the room was a Canadian Tire style portable oil radiator. I had to tent my bed sheets over top the radiator to keep the bed warm enough to sleep. The room was filthy; but that's been covered in other reviews. Nothing anyone has said is exaggerated about the filthy conditions. Just after taking my AM shower while I was getting dressed at 9:15 AM. The whole family AKA "cleaning crew" walked into my room without knocking. Don't eat here; don't stay here. Just walk away and no one gets hurt.

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Quatsino Chalet

Address of Quatsino Chalet
111 Nigei St,
Port Alice, British Columbia
Canada, V0N 2N0
Phone of Quatsino Chalet
(250) 284-3338

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