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Photo of the Rondalyn RV Resort
Photo of the Rondalyn RV Resort
Photo of the Rondalyn RV Resort
Photo of the Rondalyn RV Resort

Description of Rondalyn RV Resort: Rondalyn RV Resort offers you and your family 35 acres of natural wooded land by tranquil Haslam Creek. The Resort's serene beauty is enhanced by the salmon-spawning creek, surrounding mountains and forestry reserve. Anglers will enjoy the sport of river fishing, or try their skill in our own stocked trout pond. Deer, and a small herd of Roosevelt elk are often seen on the hiking trails surrounding the Park. Our Resort is set away from the noise of civilization, yet it is only a 5-minute drive to essential services. Plan to stay awhile to enjoy our heated pool, hot tub, golf course, modern clubhouse and laundry, and our spotless washrooms. We are OPEN ALL YEAR to serve you.

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Traveler Reviews of Rondalyn RV Resort

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Quite possibly the worst experience I have ever had camping. We were given a campsite next to a "long-term renter" who did not like how we parked our RV, and he began to terrorize our family for 4 days until we had to ask for a refund. DO NOT BRING CHILDREN TO THIS RESORT as you might unwittingly put them into a situation that you will regret (such as having to yell at drunk people to stay out of your campsite). The female owner/manager was possibly impaired and she was unwilling to help us.

Rondalyn Resort is anti-children!

Just returned from a horrible 3 day experience at Rondalyn Resort. The male owner spent all his time harrassing our children and many others especially around the pool. If adult supervision is mandatory then they need to change the signs around the pool that say children under 14 should have adult supervision to must have adult supervision. Then when I spent every other minute with my kids when they were at the pool the owners had the nerve to say that my kids repeatedly broke that rule when they only had the first time when they were unsure of the rule. Also my kids were kicked out of the playground/western town by the male owner who said they were too big to play in there even though they were the appropriate age. The owners are abusive and they lie.

Rebuttal to "Anti-Children"

We here at Rondalyn Resort are offended by the above reviews and would like to answer to them. Carla, the rules EVERYWHERE in the park say that ALL CHILDREN UNDER 14 MUST be accompanied by an adult. You can see a picture of the rules on our website We are sorry if you feel that is unfair but it is a rule enforced by the BC Health Authority, as we do not have a life guard. Also if your children were kicked out of the playground it is because either the playground was closing, as it does every night at sundown, or they were breaking the equipment, or they were climbing on the buildings, as these are the only times EVER we have asked kids to leave. Again you may go to our website to see a picture of the rules stating this will take place. We here pride ourselves on this being a great family oriented resort. We have many rules that make it a great place that people do come back to week after week year after year. The many rules and fences make it a fun safe place for everyone to enjoy.

Rebuttal to "NIGHTMARE"

Penny, first of all the gentleman that you had issue with is not a permanent resident here, he is a camper like yourself. Your issue arose when you had parked in his site, and the two of you were unable to communicate effectively. We can not say if there was liquor involved but assume there was and this added to the inability to be civil in your conversations. We did give you a refund for your stay and are puzzled why you are saying negative things. Also the owner/manager was not drunk and chose to stay out of your verbal disputes due to liquor being involved and the high emotions. We are sorry you had a bad stay but wish you would have accepted your refund as compensation rather than attacking us on numerous websites.

3 great days camping

we just got back from taking our granddaughter camping for the first time and we had a wonderful experience. I found the staff to be very helpful and friendly and the facilities were very clean and well looked after. Our granddaughter loved the playgound and playing by the creek. We did not use the pool however whenever we walked by it, the kids all seemed to be having a wonderful time.I found it to be a very family friendly park wtih kids playing and riding bikes around. All of the families I spoke with were also having a good time and some of them as well as some of my friends are repeat visitors each year. I look forward to return trips to Rondalyn Resort in the years to come.

Rondalyn is the best!!!!

Wonderful staff

The staff were wonderful the firewood deleviry boy could not do enough to help us. the male and female owners were both fantastic as well. the gounds crew were also great. all in all 100 percent happy

Rondalyn Resort under new management

We are pleased to advise that Rondalyn Resort changed hands in October 2012, and is under new management. Marj and Barry, the wonderful new management team on site, have been working hard since Oct. 2012 to make Rondalyn Resort a great place for families and friends to enjoy!


Recently a friend of mine rented a site for 3 nights at Rondalyn. He wanted to ad a tent to his site for his grand daughter and daughter to stay in. They wanted an extra $37 dollars PER NIGHT. He asked for his money back and left. I stayed there last summer in a 20 amp? site in a tent and two nights cost me over 85 DOLLARS. A nice campsite no doubt but very pricey.


Also as of this moment, their website dosen't work. I am trying to access the rates and nothing comes up on the page.

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Rondalyn RV Resort Contact Information

Rondalyn RV Resort

Address of Rondalyn RV Resort
1350 Timberlands Rd, RR1,
Ladysmith, British Columbia
Canada, V9G 1L5
Phone of Rondalyn RV Resort
(250) 245-3227
Website of Rondalyn RV Resort
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