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Description of Rose Arbour Cottage : Rose Arbour Cottage...a peaceful bed and breakfast close to Butchard Gardens. Three bedroom, all upstairs. The Pansey Room Queen bed private ensuite ($69cdn); the Tulip Room private sundeck, shared bathroom ($69cdn); the Rose Room King bed and single bed, private full bathroom ($89cdn). Full breakfast served in dining room and all taxes included. Tea/coffee corner open 24 hours. Approved Accommodation with Tourism British Columbia

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Bed & Breakfast Reservation Inquiry

My name is Peter Smith C.E.O Of Bannext Leisure's,I would like to make a Bed-and-Breakfast reservation for our client who will be

visiting your country with his family from PORTO NOVO.Please find below the service you will be providing.

ARRIVAL DATE : 29th June 2013

So please get back to me as soon as possible with the total cost as required,I have viewed your website and it's contents and would be happy if you don't direct me back to your website.Furthermore,do let me know if you accept Cheque or Credit Card for payment..

Your Earliest Response Would Be Appreciated .

Keep In touch.

Regards ,
Peter Smith

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Rose Arbour Cottage

Address of Rose Arbour Cottage
6479 Rodolph Rd,
Brentwood Bay, British Columbia
Canada, V8Z 5W3
Phone of Rose Arbour Cottage
(250) 652-3147
Website of Rose Arbour Cottage
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