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Photo of the Tunkwa Lake Resort
Photo of the Tunkwa Lake Resort
Photo of the Tunkwa Lake Resort
Photo of the Tunkwa Lake Resort

Description of Tunkwa Lake Resort: Beautiful Tunkwa Lake is a 3 1/2 hour drive from Vancouver BC. For an affordable vacation include us in your plans. Clean housekeeping cabins, tent and RV sites, boat & motor rentals, hiking, biking and great fishing for Kamloops trout. Easy access by car or RV.

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Traveler Reviews of Tunkwa Lake Resort

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nice cabins are over priced small cabins are poorly maintained poorly insulated poorly equipped, basic rip off artists.. nail you for every little up sell: people pets firewood, bathrooms stink, overall poor set up will never go back.........


went to these cabins few weeks back...was in total shock when we walked in...stove hardly workeed stunk so bad of gas in the place went to complain and said it was normal like hell...no sink no outside liights rats in the walls ..never ever would go back again save your money this place was a hole...


A family reunion of 25 -- we booked both log cabins plus 3 small cabins. Log homes were gorgeous and well equipped - very clean and direct waterfront views of the lake. Small cabins were perfect -- clean and cozy. The little store on site was great for the little things we forgot to pack -- plus snacks for the kids. The staff was fabulous -- THANKS AGAIN TO ALL -- very knowledgeable about the area and fishing techniques.
Tunkwa lake resort is our new reuinion destination....we all had such a memorable time.

comment on previous posts


As the owner of Tunkwa Lake Resort, I would love the opportunity to address the concerns raised in the two first posts. We have owned the resort for the past four years and have invested significant resources to upgrade much of the resort facilities including new boats and motors, a new shower house, new luxury log cabins and a program of upgrading each of the rustic cabins. I regret the poster had a poor experience and I would really like the individual to contact me at paul@tunkwalakeresort.com so we can try and change your perspective. thanks, paul.


We have been to many fishing resorts around BC, and we discovered Tunkwa Lake Resort quite by accident in 2007, the year the current owners took over the resort. Now we are at the point where we go at least 3 times/yr. Why? The cabins are rustic as their website clearly states, but they are always clean,cozy, and everything is in excellent working order (no rats in the walls). But more importantly, the staff/owners are phenomenal. Any minor issues (cabin, boat or whatever) are dealt with immediately. They go above and beyond to be friendly and helpful.We stopped "looking for" other places to go, because Tunkwa, it's owners, accomodations, and fishing have far exceeded anything that we have been to before. Every time we go, we see more and more improvements to the resort that Al, Paul, and their crew have made. This will be our 5th year goig to Tunkwa, and there will be many more to come.

Great fishing experience

I will be staying at Tunkwa Lake Resort twice this May commencing my 4th year coming to this terrific fishing and outdoor destination. I also come up at least 3 times in the fall, my favourite time of the year. Not only are the rustic cabins clean, well equipped and priced extremely reasonable in comparison to other fishing camps, the staff (Al, Lori, Joedy and Richard) are outstanding. They are very, very friendly and quick to advise where the fish are reportedly holding, what bait they are taking and what techniques may be needed to give the fish something else to look at and consider. ( My largest trout to date is 4 and 3/4 lbs caught on a simple slip float set-up with a worm off the shore recommended by one of the staff). The fishing report on their website goes back 3 years plus and provided tons of information (i.e water temp, what is hatching) needed to plan your trip and what to bring. The camp is also extremely quiet at night which for me coming up to relax and rest is very important. If you are seeking a place which also offers good walking, hiking, 'critter' watching:), Tunkwa Lake Resort is also your place to visit!

17 years and counting

Thats how long I've been coming here. First with some good buddies, now with our families, we all love it. Started with once or twice a year, now we come up 4 times a year. New Years was awsome.
Many changes over the years with the best in the last few. New shower house, upgrading the cabins with fridges and electricity, and redoing the floors, paint and decor. We stayed in one this winter, and found it very enjoyable.(no rats or mice)
Staff are so good to us every trip, always willing to help when ever they can. I would say that most times they go beyond to make your stay special, I concider them more of friends then staff.
You won't find my family anywhere else but Tunkwa. Good times good fishing and friends and great memories.
Thanks guys and gals for making this happen every time we visit.
See you again in May.

A Special Place

So unfortunate the first two posts had such unpleasant experiences. Tunkwa Lake Resort is a place that holds many fond memories for our family. We look forward to coming up each year and are always sorry to go home at the end. There was one year when we thought we would try somewhere else just for a new experience. Did alot of price comparisons, accomodation checking online and some visits trying to find something comparable to Tunkwa. Nothing could come close. We love the rustic atmosphere and the natural setting. There's lots of grass and no pavement. The staff are friendly and fun and the fishing is great. Its really great for the kids. They always catch fish and have lots of open grass and a playground area to play in all day long. We never worry about where they are. The nights are quiet and you can lay out in a chair or on the dock and listen to the natural nights sounds and gaze at the multitude of stars. We've always found the cabins and the bath house to be clean and tidy, and after eights years I have yet to see a mouse or a rat in a cabin. We have seen coyotes, the odd wild horse, marmots and once a little stoat around the lake. We look forward to many more years at Tunkwa with our family and the many freinds who we've met there and who continue to go back year after year.

Wonderfull Outdoor experience

Have been going to this resort for several years and have always been impressed by the staff and management of this resort. They go out of their way to make sure our stay is enjoyable and rewarding. The new lodges they have built are beautiful and very good value for a group wishing to experience the best wilderness experience in this area. The small cabins are very rustic and ideally suited for a wilderness experience. Any concerns we have ever had have been quickly dealt with by the management. Their knowledge of fishing and wild life activity makes this resort for individuals interested in fishing, hunting and hiking.

Addendum to previous post

I just had to add this. Sad to see that 2 posts had a bad time??? But glad to see all of the happy posts. I regularly keep in touch with the resort via e-mail. Al Patton (one of the owners), always responds more like a friend than a business owner & keeps us up to date on the goings-on around the resort, lake etc. Any suggestions are taken seriously, and the recent birth of a grandchild were responded to with many congratulations. Now, who can say this about other resorts? We are now camping at the resort during the warm months with our new trailer, but have been, and know we will be well looked after by Al and his crew. During our January ice fishing trip we had a slight problem with our wood stove, but Richard was there like a shot and fixed the problemm. I still can't say enough about the people there....Al,Richard,Joedy,Lori,Judy,Paul you are all phenomenal! We can't wait to be back there in June to catch some of those beauty rainbows and see our friends.

Great Spot

We booked into Tunkwa a few months after a bad experience at a different resort. We had a great time - cabins were rustic as advertised but very clean. The owners and staff were all very helpfull. If you want a fishing resort, this is the place - we are booking again this year!

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Tunkwa Lake Resort

Address of Tunkwa Lake Resort
Tunkwa Lk Rd, P.O. Box 196,
Logan Lake, British Columbia
Canada, V0K 1W0
Phone of Tunkwa Lake Resort
(250) 523-9697
Website of Tunkwa Lake Resort
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