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Willow Creek Family Campground BC Canada

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Photo of the Willow Creek Family Campground
Photo of the Willow Creek Family Campground
Photo of the Willow Creek Family Campground
Photo of the Willow Creek Family Campground

Description of Willow Creek Family Campground: Adjacent to safe sandy beach, there are heavily shaded sites that are virtually mosquito-free. Clean washroom/showers (hot/free). Office open 9:00 to 4:00, gate closed at 11:00 pm but not locked. Open all year.

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Traveler Reviews of Willow Creek Family Campground

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Terrible Barren Lot

The slumlord-style of over-crowding this lot with no greenery was terrible. It is a parking lot, not a campground, with very rude staff and laughable "security." You might think that you can put up with the awful conditions because it is near a beach, but don't put yourself through it.
It's obvious that they rely on people who don't know to stay away because they certainly couldn't get any return business. No one should ever go to this location.

missing Charles k j Horvath 1989

1989 - This was the last known address (formerly Tiny Tent Town + RV Park)
of MISSING 'Charles k j Horvath' aged 20 in 1989 -

1989 - Charles k j Horvath disappeared 'without a trace'. RCMP recovered some of his belongings which were being used by other residents @ the campsite.

Former Manager 'Phil FLETT' returned 3 small items to mother 'Denise Allan' + Grandmother 'Edith Austin-Thorpe' (deceased) when they first left England on their trek to KELOWNA British Columbia CANADA in search of Charles.

If you have any information that might HELP recover the remains of 'Charles Horvath'
please contact
Cpl Lisa Cullen SCU RCMP Tel (1) 250 470 6326
or mom
Tel 011 (44) 208 332 6776

I Must Agree!

Willow Creek was a horrific place to stay. The Steve guy that runs the place is RUDE & CRUDE,There was a couple behind us that was trying to disconnect our sewer so they could share it with us.Drug addicts everywhere trying to bum money, bottles & cigarettes.I would never recommend this place to anyone.

Nightmare on Lakeshore street

This place is enough to give you long term nightmares.The bathrooms & showers are so gross.The people that live there are frightening.The so called cleaning woman was caught red handed stealing our laundry right out of the dryer. very expensive, sleep with both eyes open.

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Willow Creek Family Campground Contact Information

Willow Creek Family Campground

Address of Willow Creek Family Campground
3316 Lakeshore Rd,
Kelowna, British Columbia
Canada, V1W 3T1
Phone of Willow Creek Family Campground
(250) 762-6302
Website of Willow Creek Family Campground
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